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STAN - STyrofoam ANimated head


STAN is an animatronic head built around a styrofoam wig holder available at beauty supply stores. The head was hollowed out using a propane torch. WARNING! Melting styrofoam with a torch is DANGEROUS! Only do this outdoors and with protective eye and hand ware.

STAN has a video camera for one eye and a sonar range finder in the other.

STAN's color comes from over the counter makeup that was applied with a sponge.

STAN's eyebrows are from a package of children mustaches. I took one and cut it in half to make the eyebrows.

The servos for the jaw and eyebrows are inexpensive micro servos from Hobby King

3643142846_c7613d6c75.jpg Here you can see some burn through that happens when you get a little over eager with the torch. These holes were filled with drywall spackling and then sanded smooth. It fills in nicely.

3646498871_2da30347e7.jpg Rear view of progressive stages.

3647304086_1887c8d1b7.jpg Front view of progressive stages of construction.


Facebook video at Dorkbot where STAN is discussed here

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