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Jamie McShan is building the second life size R2-D2 robot from the The Robot Group. He started having the idea of building a full size astromech droid many years ago, but didn’t seriously start his build until June of 2008. With the invaluable plans and blueprints from the R2-D2 Builders Club he started building. Unlike RickAbbott who is building his droid mostly of metals, Jamie is using his preferred medium of wood. The frame is constructed of Russian Baltic birch plywood, the legs are the same and many detail parts are made from MDF, styrene, resin and aluminum. The R2-D2 Builders Club has periodic member sponsored "runs" for parts. Meaning a member will contact a machine shop or supplier to build or buy a product and then sell it to the members of the club at cost. Jamie will utilize these available parts for those items too difficult to build or where not cost effective. His current plan for completion is May 2009.

Planned Launch features of Jamie’s R2 include:

  • Remote control movement using 2 12Volt foot motors
  • 2 12V 10Amh batteries
  • Futaba 6 Channel 2.4 GHz TX/RX.
  • Dome rotation
  • Full R2 sound library and music
  • Dome lights with over 200 individual LED lights
  • Future enhancements will include smoke spray, periscope, claw and remote hinged doors.

Photos of some of the parts made by Jamie:

r2parts1.jpg r2parts2.jpg 4604896069_08132d819e.jpg

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