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Robot Group People

Eric Lundquist

Eric and Catherine the Creative II

About Me

Eric Lundquist is a past President of the The Robot Group. He served as President (2004, 2003, 2002), Vice President (2000), Treasurer (2008) and as a Board member (2001, 2007-2012). In his tenure with the group, he started the monthly guest speaker program (PastPresentations) and has organized public appearances at SouthBySouthWest2003, SouthBySouthWest2002, SouthBySouthWest2001 and the InsomniacwithDaveAttell television show on Comedy Central.

Thinking he was at "October-fest," Eric made his first appearance at Robofest 7 with his Mobile Robotic Platform. His creation worked quite well and the robot fit right in with the groups other stable of robots. He has since created numerous other robots and enjoys helping others in getting their creations to work.

When not building robots, Eric performs community service such as serving on the Liberal Arts and Science Academy Corporate Advisory Board. LASA is a nationally recognized magnet public high school. The board works closely with the administrators and program director providing advice and resources not normally available to public educators. This unique blending of corporate support and public education has created an incredible program that is something for Austin to be proud of.

In addition to his work on the board, Eric has done educational outreach with various local elementary and middle schools such as: Barton Creek Elementary Gifted and Talented GtClass2003, GtClass2004, AISD CareerDay2003, the LagunaGloria Museums' summer "Robot Art Class", LagunaGloria2004 Robot Building Class, AustinLibrary2004, OdomElementary2005, and ScienceNight at Wells Branch Elementary School.

An Austin resident for over 15 years, Eric works for a biotech company as a senior software engineer. He has over 30 years of experience in software development ranging from: assembly language operating system device drivers, to business applications in COBOL and RPG II, to SQL databases and Object Oriented Java and C++ applications. Building robots is a way for Eric to "get his hands dirty" with real mechanical equipment and leverage his software experience at the same time.

Eric is Married with Children with 3 children ranging in ages from 29 to 17. He also has 2 dogs and 2 cats. When not going quietly insane, Eric enjoys reading science fiction and listening to heavy metal rock.


  • Mobile Robotic Platform My First Robot! Essentially a photovore that exhibited remarkably complex behavior utilizing very simple computational resources.
  • SeekerRobot Seeker is my current experimentation platform. It is intended to be autonomous and GPS enabled.
  • VideoHead Videohead is a project for projecting video onto a static head to allow interaction with an audience.
  • STAN STyrofoam ANimated head project. This animatronic head was built around a styrofoam wig head.
  • BabblingHead - Developed software to synchronize speech coming from the DecTalk in real-time.
  • RobotGlove - Developed Java code to control a Lynxmotion Arm with an Essential Reality P5 VR Glove.
  • PvcSkeleton - Building a life size articulated human form. Hopefully it will eventually be fully animated.
  • ScannerBot - A small tilt and pan self-contained unit designed to act as a very slow scan camera. It incorporated a Basic Stamp I to read the CDS cell and a Mini SSC servo controller to drive the servos; all connected to a small laptop via RS-232.
  • RoboVac - A radio controlled shop vac. Originally developed for my wife who has difficulty pushing a conventional vacuum due to physical limitations. Power was tethered because of the large power requirements of the shop vac. Additionally, a PC power supply was used to provide +12V drive motor power (automobile electric window motors) and +5V to the radio receiver and servo that controlled the height of the vacuum head. It worked well except for the body length which made maneuvering in tight spots a little difficult.
  • PipeBot - A pvc pipe tethered platform. I built this platform mainly to test out the L298 motor controller I had just purchased. Pipe Bot also sported a motion sensor that lit up a bright LED whenever it detected a person in front of it. Kids enjoyed driving it around the Robot Group warehouse. The fuzzy dice, of course, made it go faster.
  • Face Casting - Several of us attempted to make face casts with the eventual goal of making silicon masks that could be animated. It was kind of eery seeing my death mask looking back at me.
  • DecTalk - This amazing piece of 1980's technology was acquired for a short-lived business venture years ago. It is still one of the best Text-To-Speech synthesisers out there. I've ported the old DEC driver code to run under Linux and hope to use it with Glenn Currie's RobotBrain project.
  • P5Glove - Essential Reality Virtual Reality Glove. Creating GNU C code to run under Windows that can dump raw data from the glove.
  • Trebuchet - OK, not stictly a "robot" project if you are going to be technical about it. So sue me! A lot of fun to build anyway. Another photo here in the locked and loaded position.
  • GtClass2003 - Performing community outreach at Barton Creek Elementary School for a second grade gifted and talent class.
  • NpSmovie - Props for an independent film.
  • RobotSantaOrnament - A lighted Xmas tree ornament designed for the Heritage auction 2007.
  • Pacifico - Built small waterproof electronic package used in the independent short film "Pacifico". The light was built using a small PicAxe microcontroller.
  • Animatronic Baby - Added radio controlled arms and legs to a hyper-realistic newborn doll to be used in a short independent masters thesis film project.
  • Drawing Machine - Hacked a piece of surplus medical equipment to create a pen based drawing machine. First displayed at the 2011 Texas Science and Engineering Festival held at the Austin Convention Center.

Video at Boing Boing

A few of my projects were included in this interview at Maker Faire 2007 on Boing Boing tv. link

Video on Facebook

A presentation at Dorkbot 24 describing the STAN project. link Video posted by Chase Hammock.


You can contact Eric at roboenator at gmail dot com

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